Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Most Perfect Baby Face....

   There is a new baby in Massachusetts I had the opportunity to shoot this past week. Of all the babies I've photographed this child has to have the most perfect features and symmetry at his age that I can recall. His parents are as proud as punch and couldn't be happier.

Fall Foliage in the Northeast

   There were only five days to capture the colors of Fall in New England. Not knowing when peak time would be made it a crap shoot. When I arrived it was overcast and raining. Rain knocks the dying leaves off of the trees and colors just don't pop without sun. This was not was I was hoping for at all. Finally, on the third day the weather cleared and although many leaves were on the ground, the sun shone and lit up the colors.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Serengeti Sunset?

   There have been some dramatic photos of Serengeti, Africa sunsets published over the years. After shooting this image and applying some minor post work, it had a similar feel to it. In reality, I was not in Africa but north Texas. It still has the drama, but I didn't need a single vaccination to get the shot! Great photo opportunities are everywhere, we just need to look around.