Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Auto Photography with LED Lighting

   Auto photography with a strobe can be a endless process of trial and error. On a highly reflective surface, such as a new car, controlling acceptable hot-spots and reflections from flashes can be time consuming at best. Enter the constant light and Live View on the camera. In this series of shots a Neerwer CN-160, 160 LED video light with variable power recommended by Scott Bourne a while back was used. Adjusting the position and intensity of the light while viewing the results on the camera LCD real time for the desired result was a snap. The light was used both on a light stand and handheld. For close-up images of sections of the car and the camera on a tripod, we were able to get respectable images in a short amount of time.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Boys and Their Toys

   Here is just another example of "Boys and Their Toys" I had the opportunity to shoot a few days ago. A good friend, aka "Blackie", brought his new Harley to show off. It wasn't scheduled as a photo shoot but I knew if I suggested we do it while he was here he'd be happy we did later.

I was right!
He ordered three 16 x 24 metal prints.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Windy Ryon Memorial Roping 2013

On Friday, May 25th 2013, the team roping competition took place with the usual group of Pro Rodeo cowboys in attendance. With almost $20,000 going to the winners the "Big Boys", as well as many others turn out for this annual Memorial Day weekend event. Here are a few photos of the action and personalities.

Allen Bach

Trevor Brazile

Speed Williams

Patrick Smith

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Making New Friends, Not Replacing Old Ones

   My last post dealt with the loss of a companion, a friend, and the pain associated with that loss. As time passes hopefully the pain subsides and healthy memories replace the pain. Eventually the time comes to make new friends, never replacing the old ones, but opening up to developing new relationships.
   As was our last friend Bruno, we were ready to seek out a new rescue companion. If the right chemistry was there we would offer a better life to one of the animals who's earlier existence had not been a pleasant one. Searching the shelters for a dog that looked like a match on paper took longer than expected. When we thought we found that dog we called for an appointment to meet the dog and foster. When we arrived at the meeting place we were told than the foster was unable to make the appointment. That is when we met Brandy, a seven month old Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. We really weren't looking for a young dog but after spending some time with her we felt good about the match and decided to take her home. We and she couldn't be happier about the results. She's an absolute joy!
Rescue an animal, they understand.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Making the Decision To End your Dog's Life

   As much as we love our animals there may come a time when you'll have to make a choice. Some animals run away. Some are stolen if outside pets. But some become ill and at one point you'll be forced to make the call and decide if he lives another day in a diminished state or dies. It all starts so happily when you find your friend. The years go by with an abundance of unconditional love from them. 
   Our dog Bruno, a mutt we rescued at three years old from a shelter, was a joy. His previous years were a nightmare from what we were told. Aside from being a bit timid, he loved everyone from people to dogs to cats. Never barking unless the doorbell rang. Didn't jump up on or chew furniture or our stuff. 
   They say rescue dogs truly know what you have done for them. It would be difficult to deny it based on our friend's behavior and companionship. He will be missed.
   R.I.P. "Mr B"

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bob Bolen, Fort Worth Mayor Sculpture

   A life-sized bronze statue of former Fort Worth Mayor Bob Bolen is displayed at Fort Worth Alliance Airport. Sandi Clark, Sedona Arizona, was commissioned by Ross Perot Jr for the sculpture located at the airport on a 3-acre park, called Bob Bolen Plaza. The park, at the base of the control tower at Alliance Airport, includes, two decorative, steel frames painted blue that surround the statue. Bolen is considered by many to be a leader in helping to bring Alliance Airport to Fort Worth.