Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Making the Decision To End your Dog's Life

   As much as we love our animals there may come a time when you'll have to make a choice. Some animals run away. Some are stolen if outside pets. But some become ill and at one point you'll be forced to make the call and decide if he lives another day in a diminished state or dies. It all starts so happily when you find your friend. The years go by with an abundance of unconditional love from them. 
   Our dog Bruno, a mutt we rescued at three years old from a shelter, was a joy. His previous years were a nightmare from what we were told. Aside from being a bit timid, he loved everyone from people to dogs to cats. Never barking unless the doorbell rang. Didn't jump up on or chew furniture or our stuff. 
   They say rescue dogs truly know what you have done for them. It would be difficult to deny it based on our friend's behavior and companionship. He will be missed.
   R.I.P. "Mr B"